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Hey, I'm Yaz!

I'm a third-year PhD student studying at the Marine Biological Association and The University of Exeter.​ My research focuses on understanding the role of tiny algae, called diatoms, in the ocean. 

I'm here to help you find your interests and motivation to get through education and learn more about the natural world!

Expect to find tips about studying, university and general marine biology facts.

I love breaking the barriers between the public and scientists so come and explore what my "day in the life" is like on @marinebiologywithyaz on IG.




PhD Biological Sciences, The University of Exeter

Diatom biology, biochemistry, genetics and physiology


MRes Marine Biology, University of Plymouth

Broad modules including presentation skills, poster making and molecular biology


BSc Biological Sciences, University of Brighton

Various modules in biomedical and ecological sciences

Awards, Scholarships and Grants

  • 2022 PLYMSef Best Presentation Prize

  • 2021 CLESCon Best Poster Prize

  • 2020 Santander Travel Bursary

  • 2020 British Phycological Society Algae Video Bursary

  • 2020 Microbiology Society Conference Attendance Grant

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